Triple Crown Leadership

Triple Crown Leadership


Here are additional leadership resources related to Triple Crown Leadership:

  • Alignment: A Transformational Leadership Process. Alignment is essential to creating and sustaining high performance teams. This paper outlines the essentials.
  • Board Governance Guidelines. Governance guidelines are a flexible framework for boards to consider within the context of their Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and regulations. Get started here.
  • Book Club Discussion Guide. Book clubs and discussion groups can be helpful for team-building, leadership development, and team alignment. We recommend discussing the book with your management team, board, or other team. This document can help guide your discussions.
  • Charter for Team or Committee. Use this tool to empower and guide your teams and committees.
  • CHRO Chief Culture Officer White Paper. Today’s HR leader has an important opportunity to make an important strategic contribution by becoming the organization’s “chief culture officer.”
  • Company Culture Resources. Contains examples from very successful organizations with Culture Codes, culture-building best practices, and related videos.
  • Entrepreneurship Resources. Links to web sites, blogs, books, apps, and more. Everything you need to know to keep up with startups and social enterprises, including information on ideation, business modeling, customer development, lean startups, financing, and more.
  • Glossary of Entrepreneurial Leadership Terms. Here is a list of key concepts related to entrepreneurial leadership–and their definitions.
  • Glossary of Leadership Terms. Here is a list of key concepts related to leadership–and their definitions.
  • Interviewing for Heart. Most people focus their interview questions on “head” matters like knowledge, skills, and experience. Those are important, but triple crown leaders also probe for “heart” matters like character, emotional intelligence, and fit with the organization’s culture. Here are questions to help you do the latter.
  • The Keys to Great Meetings White Paper. Dozens of team meeting keys to avoid mindless meeting miseries. Very important, since many of us spend so much time in meetings.
  • Leadership Bookshelf. Are you up to speed on the latest leadership books and the classics? Want a list of books not only leadership but also personal development, ethics, sustainability, and entrepreneurship?  View a list of some of our favorites.
  • Paradoxes of Leadership. Leadership is rife with paradoxes, pressures, and conflicts. There is frequently a “thesis” and an “antithesis” in leadership dilemmas, often requiring a “synthesis.” Here are some leadership paradoxes we have encountered.
  • Personal Development Resources. Curated list of the best books, web sites, and podcasts related to personal development, personal growth, self leadership, and life design.
  • Personal Values Exercise. Leaders must lead themselves first. That includes achieving clarity about your personal values–and ensuring congruence between your personal values and those of your organization. Click here to get started.
  • Leadership Lessons in Lots of L’s. Latch onto the levity of this lively little listing of lessons for taking the lead!
  • Servant Leadership Quotes. Some of our favorite servant leadership quotes are compiled here. Enjoy!
  • Social Entrepreneurship Resources. Curated list of the best books, organizations, funders, platforms, and other resources related to social enterprise and social entrepreneurship.
  • Sweden Startups and Social Enterprise Resources. Links to web sites, apps, resources, and more related to startups and social enterprises in Sweden and the Nordics, including startups, incubators, accelerators, funders, ecosystem, etc.
  • Triple Crown Leadership Introduction. Click here to access a PDF of the Introduction to Triple Crown Leadership.
  • Triple Crown Leadership Chapter 1. Click here to access a PDF of Chapter 1 of Triple Crown Leadership.
  • What Is Your Quest? Are you living your values? This inspirational call to action encourages you to take the lead in your own life.

Leaders Speak Interview Series:

For Triple Crown Leadership, we interviewed leaders in 61 organizations in 11 countries. Here are edited excerpts of many of those interviews:


Other Leadership Resources: