Personal Growth & Leadership Development

I’m here to help you with personal growth and leadership development.

  • With my personal growth courses and programs, my aim is to help you develop your mindset and capabilities while realizing more of your potential—all leading toward crafting your life and work intentionally to align your purpose, values, vision, strengths, and aspirations. We must learn to take care of ourselves and lead ourselves better as a precondition for leading others well.
  • With my leadership development programs, my aim is to help you and your organization develop exceptional leadership and a high-performing team. My programs develop the capacity of participants to lead at high levels. The focus is on developing exceptional leaders qualified to lead in the context of today’s needs and tomorrow’s opportunities.

Too often, we neglect our personal growth and leadership development as we get lost in our daily tasks. Big mistake. Investments in our leadership and personal development pay big dividends.

All my programs are rich with actionable learnings, exercises, assessments, and valuable resources. My workshops range from two hours to multi-day programs. The programs are offered in-person or online. I can also customize my programs to your context and needs.


My programs will help you:

  • bring more intentionality to your life and work 
  • develop your character, mindset, skills, and behaviors
  • experience more fulfillment and joy while having a greater impact on those around you
  • build a thriving career
  • create a compelling vision for where you want to go
  • make an impact
  • develop your self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  • become the kind of leader people are inspired to follow
  • equip everyone on your team with the mindsets and skills they need to be excellent leaders
  • recharge and get inspired

When you apply yourself diligently to these programs, they can have a transformative effect on your leadership mindset and practice.

Start your quest. A transformation awaits.


Crafting Your Life and Work

Wondering what’s next? Not sure about the path you’re on? Lacking clarity, direction, or motivation? Hungry for more? Start here: craft your life and work with purpose and passion. Don’t sit around waiting. Don’t follow the crowd. Blaze your own trail. Start. Take your life back. Based on Gregg’s book, LIFE Entrepreneurs (co-written with Christopher Gergen), a call for integrating your life and work with purpose and passion, and a new book on the way. Here you learn how to apply the tools and methods of design thinking and entrepreneurship to life and work choices and transitions. We show you how to move forward regardless of where you are. This is Gregg’s signature course. Skills developed:

  • applying the tools of design thinking to your own life
  • debunking dysfunctional beliefs about job searches and careers
  • testing ideas  
  • identifying your purpose, values, strengths, and passions
  • developing your unique vision of the good life
  • leading yourself and avoiding the common traps of living

Who should attend: People who feel stuck and uncertain about what to do next. People considering a career change (or in the middle of one). People facing early-career struggles and life transitions or decisions. People facing midlife or retirement questions or transitions.

Leading Self

Before we can lead others well, first we must lead ourselves effectively. That means knowing ourselves well, integrating our life and work with purpose and passion, and avoiding the common traps of living and our leadership derailers. It means taking care of our health, mental wellness, and family while operating at a high level. You will learn how to:

  • clarify and refine your personal leadership approach
  • deepen your awareness of your strengths and weaknesses
  • lead yourself well
  • know your leadership derailers and how to avoid or address them

Who should attend: Managers, executives, and teams interested in leading at the highest levels while maintaining their quality of life.

Leading Others

What kind of leadership does it take to build an organization that’s excellent, ethical, and enduring (what we call “triple crown leadership”)? Learn advanced leadership practices based on our experience, research, and interviews worldwide. You will learn how to:

  • clarify the aims of your leadership
  • hire, develop, motivate, and reward people more effectively
  • make effective use of shared purpose, values, and vision in your work
  • flex between the hard and soft edges of leadership
  • build an excellent culture and unleash the latent leadership in others
  • align people for peak performance
  • avoid breakdowns and handle crises effectively

Who should attend: Executives, managers, or teams. Anyone who influences others. Professionals looking to elevate their performance, develop their leadership and management skills, further engage their team, and network with impressive leaders.

Leading Innovation

This program is about generating, developing, and evaluating ideas for launching innovative and viable new products, services, programs, or ventures. It entails learning the process of discovery, creativity, and innovation. You will learn how to:

  • leverage the powers of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship 
  • improve your practice of creativity and innovation
  • build an innovation culture comfortable with risk and uncertainty
  • develop ideas for new products, services, or programs
  • evaluate the quality of the ideas generated
  • use the business modeling process and lean startup innovation methods
  • develop your creative confidence and capacity

Who should attend: Managers, executives, innovators, and teams looking to get better at creativity and entrepreneurial innovation.

Leadership Excellence Package

Why mess around? Why not invest in all three of the programs listed above—Leading Self, Leading Others, and Leading Innovation? They all flow together anyway and have a compounding effect on each other.

Good Life and Good Work

What does it mean to lead a good life—and craft a good career? Here we give you ancient wisdom and modern science on what it means to lead a good life. We address job crafting, purpose, values, strengths, common traps, and life design. What would be a good life for you? Invest in yourself, take stock, and regroup for the next chapter.

Who should attend: Those seeking more fulfillment in life and work or wanting more clarity and direction for how to live and work.

Your Learning Guide

Gregg Vanourek helps people with personal development, life design, and leadership through his books, courses, workshops, speaking, and coaching. He facilitates highly interactive courses, workshops, and retreats. These offers are based on his extensive experience across continents, industries, and sectors, research on high-performing organizations worldwide, and interviews with more 100-plus dynamic leaders and entrepreneurs. For more information, see Gregg’s bio.

Training Methods

My approach is highly interactive, with a powerful blend of actionable tools, research, relevant examples, and inspiration—including assessments, dialogue, reflection, experiential learning, and peer feedback. My programs include:

  • content-rich and visually engaging presentations with key principles based on research and relevant and compelling examples and stories
  • engaging exercises and activities
  • the power of small groups
  • breakout sessions and discussions in a safe and inspiring environment
  • case-based learning experiences to illustrate key points

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