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What’s your leadership quest?

Do you want to improve your leadership? Get better results–the right way? Achieve exceptional results, ethically, and consistently over time?

We champion a better brand of leadership–triple crown leadership–that builds excellent, ethical, and enduring organizations–ones that achieve exceptional positive impacts for their stakeholders ethically and sustainably.

We provide leadership development services to organizations and teams through training, workshops, speaking, and coaching

Our book, Triple Crown Leadership, draws upon our own experience, extensive research, and interviews with leaders in 61 organizations in 11 countries. This book was a winner of the International Book Awards and has been called “the best book on leadership since Good to Great.”

Update: We have a new Leadership Derailers Assessment that you can take to identify what’s inhibiting your leadership effectiveness. We also have a new Traps Test (Common Traps of Living) that you can take to determine what’s getting in the way of your happiness and quality of life. 

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We Can Help You:

  • Develop clarity on your personal leadership approach and a strong foundation of self-leadership
  • Clarify the aims of your leadership–and your top leadership quest
  • Recruit and develop great people
  • Set and activate an inspiring shared purpose, values, and vision
  • Flex your leadership approach to the situation and people
  • Build a great culture
  • Align your team for sustainable high performance
  • Avoid leadership derailers and organizational breakdowns
  • Lead through change and crisis
  • Develop better ethical decision-making

We help you achieve sustainable high performance by developing excellent leaders, building a dynamic culture, and pointing the organization toward a higher purpose with positive social impact.

We’re long-time practitioners of leadership across industries and sectors. And we’ve done the research and developed highly effective and engaging teaching and training materials.

We know you want to be an exceptional leader who guides your team to sustainable high performance. To do that, you need proven practices.

Book a meeting so we can learn about your context and see if we can help. Invest in your leadership development and your team.

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  1. Take our Leadership Derailers Assessment to see what’s inhibiting your leadership effectiveness.
  2. Check out our Workshops and Courses, including training, retreats, and coaching.
  3. View our Speaking page, including sample videos, speaking topics, and testimonials.
  4. Buy the Book, a winner of the International Book Awards, for you and/or your team.
  5. Access our Leadership Resources — a wide array of free resources, including books, videos, links, and exercises to help you and your team develop as leaders.

Raise Your Leadership Game

We help address the following leadership and organizational problems:

  • underperformance
  • disengagement
  • workers not feeling connected to a larger purpose
  • teams lacking cohesion
  • leaders who want to take their leadership to the next level

We can help you avoid these challenges and operate at peak performance. You’ll learn advanced leadership practices for creating excellent, ethical, and enduring organizations: the “triple crown” of leadership. Use our five advanced leadership practices. You’ll see the results in your bottom line.

Our book, Triple Crown Leadership: Building Excellent, Ethical, and Enduring Organizations, is a winner of the International Book Awards and was called “the best book on leadership since Good to Great.”

Develop your leadership. Start today on your new leadership quest.

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