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Triple Crown Leadership was called “the best leadership book since Good to Great” and was a winner of the International Book Awards.

View Gregg Vanourek’s TEDx talk (based on his book, LIFE Entrepreneurs: Ordinary People Creating Extraordinary Lives).


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Leadership Derailers Assessment

Take this assessment to identify what’s inhibiting your leadership effectiveness. It will help you develop self-awareness and identify ways to improve your leadership.

Take Gregg’s Traps Test (Common Traps of Living) to determine what’s getting in the way of your happiness, quality of life, and fulfillment. 
Gregg led a “Good Life + Good Work” workshop for ICF-Colorado and a leadership workshop for the American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden. Gregg gave a keynote talk for the Public Education Foundation Leadership Summit 2021 and led a leading change workshop for education leaders. Gregg was featured in the Inspired Impact series and gave a talk for the University of Denver Alumni and Career Development Office community.
Gregg gave a talk for YSP-Young Sustainability Professionals in Sweden and spoke to the South Jeffco Business Alliance. He also gave a talk for H&M and a talk for the University of Denver. Gregg did a video interview with Bob Whipple from LeaderGrow on “Leading Self” and another one on “Triple Crown Leadership.”
Gregg gave a keynote talk for the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative at the University of Denver and a talk for the University of Denver. Gregg led a “Designing Your Life” workshop for the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship and gave a talk and workshop for The Alliance Center and Conscious Capitalism Denver.
Gregg gave a keynote address for the Colorado Leadership Alliance. He gave a keynote speech and workshops for the Lund University Future Faculty retreat in Sweden. Gregg ran a Lab on “Designing Your Life” and another Lab on “Innovation Derailers” for the Innovation Roundtable Summit (the world’s largest gathering of innovation executives in large firms) in Copenhagen. Gregg was featured in this article on “The Six Pillars for Nurturing a Culture of Innovation” for his presentation at an Innovation Roundtable conference in Rome. Gregg gave a talk and a workshop for the Innovation Roundtable in Rome.

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