Alignment Scorecard

When organizations aren’t aligned, it can reduce performance dramatically and cause frustration and even dysfunction. With this Alignment Scorecard, you can assess your organization’s level of alignment and make plans for improving it. Answer the questions below. Don’t deliberate too long on any question. Go with your gut instinct and move briskly. It should take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete.

1) On a scale of 1-5, estimate the organization’s current level of alignment overall. (Rating Scale: 1. Very Poor; 2. Poor; 3. Fair; 4. Good; 5. Excellent.) (Required)
Alignment Level Estimate(Required)
2) Complete the Detailed Scorecard below, rating each item and then calculating the total score and average rating. (Required)
Purpose of organization is clear to all, with robust-buy-in and movement toward it(Required)
Values of organization are clear to all, with robust-buy-in and people upholding them(Required)
Vision of organization is clear to all, with robust-buy-in and movement toward it(Required)
Top goals and priorities are clear and well known by all(Required)
The organization’s strategy is clear to people(Required)
There is clarity about the types of people the organization seeks(Required)
The organizational structure is appropriate to accomplish the vision and goals(Required)
Empowered temporary teams are used to solve problems and pursue opportunities(Required)
Processes are clear, effective, streamlined, and not burdensome(Required)
Effective action plans clarify who will do what by when(Required)
Communication loops share progress frequently with all, including effective meetings & metrics(Required)
Everyone in the organization is involved in the alignment process(Required)
There is consistency between the purpose, vision, goals, strategy, and action plans(Required)
There is clear understanding by all about how their work fits into the purpose, vision, and goals(Required)
There is effective cooperation by workers across different functional areas(Required)
There are high levels of trust, pride, and engagement among people throughout the organization(Required)
Resources are allocated in a way that supports the purpose, vision, goals, and strategy(Required)
There is accountability for results in the organization(Required)
Daily decisions are in line with the strategy, along with flexibility to make changes when needed(Required)
The organization is achieving peak performance(Required)

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