Leadership Derailers Assessment

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Below is a list of common “derailers” that inhibit leadership effectiveness. Rate them using the following scale: 1 – Not a problem at all; 2 – Minor problem; 3 – Moderate problem; 4 – Serious problem. Don’t deliberate too long on questions. Go with your gut instinct and move briskly. It should take about 10 to 15 minutes to complete. This assessment should help you develop self-awareness and identify ways to improve your leadership.
1 - Not a problem at all2 - Minor problem3 - Moderate problem4 - Serious problem
Abuse: verbal, psychological, physical, or sexual mistreatment of others
Aloof: seeming or being distant, detached, or remote
Avoidance: avoiding difficult tasks, situations, or conflicts
Blame: finding fault with others (e.g., colleagues, board) or circumstances instead of looking within
Bullying: intimidating, coercing, humiliating, belittling, or threatening others
Burnout: becoming run-down and feeling exhausted, often due to workaholism or lack of self-care
Bottleneck: feeling you must make all decisions or taking on too much work yourself, causing delays
Change: not anticipating or driving change in the organization; failure to adapt
Chaos: always generating ideas or causing confusion, while neglecting how things will get done