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In Memoriam: Stephen R. Covey

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One of the great icons of our time, Stephen R. Covey, passed away this week.

This giant of an intellect with the soul of a child cannot be replaced. His insights into the nature of people, his wisdom, his writing, his speaking, his work and service, his example, his integrity, and his just-plain common sense helped millions of people around the globe become better people and better leaders. It is an astonishing legacy.

Covey’s call for “principle-centered leadership” was prescient for what our world so sorely needs today. We are confident that his family, colleagues, and others will carry on the seminal work to which he contributed so much. We certainly plan to try.

We were thrilled when Covey and his son, Stephen M. R. Covey, agreed to write the Foreword to our book, since we are longtime admirers of both of them and their work. They have inspired us and challenged us to be better people. We are humbled and awestruck to realize that his words there are some of the last he ever wrote.

We ask you to pause and thank Stephen R. Covey for his wonderful gifts and service to the world, and to keep his beloved family and colleagues in your thoughts and prayers.

Silent but still speaking.
Departed but still connected.
Gone but not forgotten.
May God bless his soul.

Bob and Gregg Vanourek

One thought on “In Memoriam: Stephen R. Covey

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