Sweden Startup Resources

Resources related to startups and social enterprises in Sweden and the Nordic countries, curated by Gregg Vanourek (Twitter: @GVanourek)

General Resources:

Competitions and Challenges:

Co-Working / Co-Living Spaces:

  • Epicenter (Stockholm house of innovation for corporations and starts)
  • Guerilla Office (co-working group for entrepreneurs & creatives, around Sweden)
  • K9/Techfarm (tech collective)
  • Knackeriet (co-working space for Stockholm entrepreneurs)
  • *Norrsken House (co-working space and investor in impact)
  • OpenLab (co-working space for Stockholm social enterprise)
  • Slottet (“The Castle”: co-working space in Stockholm)
  • *SUP46 (events, networking, co-working space)
  • TechFarm (co-living space for Stockhom entrepreneurs)
  • The Park (co-working and event location space in Stockholm)
  • THINGS Stockholm (co-location space for Stockholm hardware startups)

Education & Universities:

Events and Meetups:

Finance and Venture Capital:

Incubators and Accelerators (sample):

Job Boards / Matchmaking:

Social Entrepreneurship:

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