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View Gregg’s TEDx talk on “Discover Mode: Finding Your Quest.”

Watch Gregg delivering a keynote presentation, “A Quest and a Call,” for the Barrett Values Centre:

Gregg Vanourek delivers a message that is “powerful, memorable, and impactful… uplifting.”

Gregg Vanourek is a high-impact executive, leadership developer, and award-winning author training, teaching, and speaking internationally on leadership, entrepreneurship, and life design–connecting personal and professional excellence.

Vice Director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management Program at KTH-Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and Vice Center Director for the award-winning Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship at KTH. Chairman of the Board of SE (Social Entrepreneurship) Forum (an organization driving business for good among social entrepreneurs and corporations). Served as a tech startup executive for K12 Inc. (now a market leader with $900 million in sales), and co-founded New Mountain Ventures (developing entrepreneurial leaders in the U.S.). Teaching as adjunct faculty at KTH-Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship, and Stockholm Business School Executive MBA Program in executive and master’s courses. Former senior executive at the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation (school reform organization) and research fellow at the Hudson Institute (think tank).

Co-author of three influential books: “Triple Crown Leadership” (a winner of the International Book Awards and called “the best book on leadership since Good to Great”), “Life Entrepreneurs,” and “Charter Schools in Action.” My writing has appeared in or been reviewed by Fast Company, BusinessWeek, U.S. News & World Report, New York Times, Entrepreneur, Inc., Leader to Leader, and more. He has written regular Harvard Business blogs.

Graduated from the Yale School of Management (M.B.A.), London School of Economics and Political Science (M.Sc.), and Claremont McKenna College (B.A., magna cum laude), where I was an Academic All American soccer player.

Passionate about learning, growth, and development—and connecting the good life with good work. Specialties: leadership, entrepreneurship,  life design, innovation, career change, purpose, values, organization culture.

Twitter: @gvanourek

Gregg brings transformational insights to his speeches and presentations. He has spoken to companies, universities, social ventures, and foundations around the world (U.S., Sweden, Belgium, Croatia, Denmark, France, Italy, Malaysia). Gregg, a U.S. citizen based in Sweden, is available for speaking and training engagements worldwide.

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Speaking Samples:

See Gregg’s keynote address “A Quest and a Call.”

Click here to view the interview Gregg and Bob did together for Leaderonomics, while introducing Triple Crown Leadership to Asia.

Listen to this podcast on Life Entrepreneurship.


Speaking Topics:

Leadership speaker, Gregg Vanourek, speaks on Life Entrepreneurship.Life Design. Not sure about the path you are on? Don’t know where to go from here? Not sure about your direction in life and work? Start here and dig deep: design your entrepreneurial life and craft a life that matters–a life of purpose, passion, fulfillment, and significance. Don’t just live. Don’t sit around waiting for a break. Don’t follow the crowd. Look within. Dig deep. Find inspiration. Start. Build. Come alive. Design your entrepreneurial life. Craft a good life and good work.

Leadership speakers, Bob Vanourek and Gregg Vanourek speak on Triple Crown Leadership.Triple Crown Leadership: Excellent, Ethical, Enduring. Not just excellent. Not just ethical. Not just enduring. All three—the triple crown of leadership. Audacious? Yes. But possible. And necessary. What kind of leadership does it take to build an organization that achieves exceptional results, operates with integrity, and stands the test of time? Learn five advanced leadership practices based on our experience, research, and interviews worldwide.

Leadership speaker, Gregg Vanourek, speaks on leading by values.

Discover Mode: Finding Your Quest. Too often we are stuck in “climbing mode,” trying to gain success, status, approval, or recognition and we move up the ladder. But which ladder should we climb? Why not begin with “discover mode,” an iterative process of action and reflection to discover who we are, what we care about, what we are good about, and how we can impact others positively.

The Good Life. The aim of the session is to give you a perspective on what has been said and written across the ages about what it means to lead a good life, including insights from different fields (e.g., psychology, philosophy, design, leadership), ancient wisdom, and current research. The goal is to help you start reflecting on the larger context of your studies and your personal and professional aspirations. The session will address values, self-leadership, common traps, and more.

Ideation—Developing and Evaluating Innovative Startup Ideas. Learn advanced ideation techniques—how to generate original ideas for innovative and impactful startup ventures and how to evaluate their viability. Learn how to generate, develop, and pitch innovative startup ideas, and recognize potential risks and biases when evaluating them. This is a fun, high-energy, and high-impact workshop.

Building a Culture of Innovation. When it comes to the innovation imperative, many organizations make large investments but do not realize the full potential of their efforts. Innovation appears here and there but continues to elude as a driver of performance and transformation. In this session, we connect the dots between people and processes, and between the hard and soft edges of innovation. At the center of it all, of course, is people, because the hard work of adaptation and innovation is always through the people. The session will address: how to upgrade your people processes (hiring, onboarding, developing, rewarding) to foster innovation throughout the enterprise; how purpose, values, and vision can summon innovation; why leaders must flex between the hard and soft edges of innovation; how to develop an entrepreneurial culture and unleash the creative potential of your team; how to build innovation into your alignment processes when executing existing business models and discovering new ones.

Other Speaking Topics:

  • Traps of Leading and Living
  • Conscious Business and Social Entrepreneurship
  • Lean Innovation Methods for Startups and Large Organizations




Speaking & Training Testimonials:

“Gregg opened our conference with his moving, thoughtful, and evocative presentation titled ‘A Quest and a Call.’ It was a joy to collaborate with him on creating the topic for his presentation since he made it very clear from the beginning that he wanted to be highly relevant, valuable, and engaging to the attendees. Gregg is a gifted speaker and has a strong, clear, and also caring presence. He delivered above and beyond our expectations and set the entire tone of our conference from then on to be deeply meaningful.” –Jessica Brown, former Network Leader, Barrett Values Centre; now Programs Director, The Passion Company

“Working with Gregg was an absolute pleasure from initial preparation to execution. His approach was one of co-creation — making sure that he addressed exactly what our team needed, and it made my life so easy knowing I could customize our workshop by tapping into his wealth of knowledge across numerous topics related to entrepreneurship, leadership and transformation. When the day started, I was immediately impressed with his preparation — he had done research on each of our participants beforehand, so the day felt personalized from the first minute. And during the presentation I appreciated how deftly Gregg presented deep and powerful lessons in a variety of styles — from playful to reflective — to make sure that he reached each participant in different ways so that every single person walked away with new knowledge and inspiration.” –Alex Budak, former Country Manager, Reach for Change, Sweden; now consultant,

“Gregg Vanourek is one of the world’s best specialists in life entrepreneurship.” –Bob Aubrey, top expert in human development, author, and Senior Advisor for Asia at the European Foundation of Management Development

“For several years in a row, Gregg has been the speaker and facilitator for the most important workshop in The American Chamber of Commerce in Sweden’s Mentoring Program: Leadership. I chose Gregg’s book, “Triple Crown Leadership,” for the program because it is power-packed with the essentials for today’s leaders, from new managers to senior executives. Gregg inspires us with his deeply insightful questions, to go deep within and find our true leader: Who am I as a leader? What derails me from being the strong leader I know I am or can become. Great questions, Gregg. Thanks for helping us explore inward.” -Beth Topolovsky, Managing Partner, Stinson Partners

“In our search for excellence in leadership we come across Gregg Vanourek and his book, Triple Crown Leadership. During one of our customer events in 2015, Gregg gave a keynote presentation which was highly appreciated by the audience, consisting of managers from different companies and levels. Gregg left us with interesting thoughts and a challenge to raise our standards for how we lead.” –Fredrika Schartau, Founding Partner, Signpost

“Gregg Vanourek gave a keynote presentation at our annual conference and delivered a powerful, memorable, and impactful message. We found his talk to be uplifting and highly relevant both to the students we serve and our staff. His points have resonated long after his time with us.” –Robin Wise, President and CEO, Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain

“When Gregg Vanourek gave a keynote presentation at the Strom Center for Entrepreneurship conference, he skillfully engaged the audience with his message and stories. His blending of visuals, props, and even a soundtrack kept audience attention and energy level high. He worked closely with staff before the event to make sure his talk was tailored and relevant for both major segments of the audience—students and business leaders. Gregg’s keynote was powerful and yet playful.” –Jeanne Stolp MacDonald, Management and Marketing Faculty/Advisor, Department of Business Administration, Minot State University at Bismarck State College

“Gregg is a passionate and outstandingly skilled speaker! I met Gregg at our interactive career development course ‘The Science of Your Future,’ designed to help students at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm build their careers. Gregg did not only fulfill my expectations, he by far exceeded them and left a lasting impression. I would love to work with him again on any project of mutual interest.” –Michael Gralla, Director, Karolinska Institute Career Retreat

“Could not have asked for a better person to lead this workshop: great interaction, safe and very relaxed atmosphere, etc. BEST WORKSHOP I have ever attended.” -April 2018 “Designing Your Life” workshop

“This workshop should be part of every university program.” -April 2018 “Designing Your Life” workshop

“The atmosphere was amazing.” -April 2018 “Designing Your Life” workshop

“You are one of the most inspirational people I have had the chance to listen to.” –Attendee in a Zagreb leadership conference, Spring 2015

“I think you have just changed my life. Thank you.” –Attendee in a Zagreb leadership conference, Spring 2015

“Great workshop with an amazing speaker.” –Participant in a Stockholm workshop, October 2014

“The course was great! Probably the most inspiring course I have taken. The tremendous amount of material and tools given to me, not just the key concepts of the course, but also all the extra readings is worth more than most probably can imagine. For that I am extremely grateful! And also a big ‘thank you’ for introducing me to the concepts of life entrepreneurship and designing your life!” –Student in a Stockholm course spring 2019


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Triple Crown Leadership is a Winner of the 2013 International Book Awards in the “Business: General” category.

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