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Bob Vanourek, Leadership Speaker

Bob Vanourek changes hearts and minds about leadership.

Testimonials about Bob’s talks: “Inspiring and full of practical advice.” / “Really beneficial material – how to actually do it; not just what it means.” / “Great presentation & ideas.” / “Great presence!” / “Excellent!!” -Dana J. Collier Smith, Assistant Executive Director, and other participants at the Colorado Bar Association

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Are you:

  • Tired of the failed leadership models of the past?
  • Hungry for a better brand of leadership?

Do you:

  • Want to build a high-performance organization?
  • Want to unleash more of your colleagues’ latent leadership capabilities?
  • Want to build an excellent, ethical, and enduring organization?

Does your organization have:

  • Overworked and underperforming managers?
  • Disengaged employees?
  • Employees working at cross purposes?
  • Excessive employee turnover?

Bob can help you address these issues because he has “been there and done that” as a CEO. Bob is available as a motivational guest speaker and leadership workshop facilitator:

  • Bob has given over 1,000 presentations over the years as a CEO (of five different companies), a keynote speaker, guest speaker, and leadership workshop facilitator for top corporations, associations, and non-profits around the world.
  • Bob will customize his presentation to your particular leadership challenges using pre-program research with you.
  • Bob will visit with your audience before and after the session to maximize the take-home value.
  • Bob will conduct an entertaining session with great audience involvement for experiential learning.
  • Bob will convey new, proven, effective, cutting-edge leadership practices to your audience.

You will learn how to:

  • Hire and promote for sustained high performance
  • Engage the hearts and minds of your employees
  • Flex your leadership style for maximum effectiveness
  • Build a high performance culture of character
  • Align your organization for sustained high performance
  • And more

Hire Bob as an inspirational guest speaker for your next conference, leadership meeting, or workshop!

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View a video testimonial for Bob here.  See more Testimonials here.

For Topics, Testimonials, and More, see Bob’s One-Sheet here.

See Bob’s Bio here.

Speaking Samples and Interviews


Watch this short version video (1 minute) of Bob Vanourek speaking to the Turnaround Management Association at their Leadership Senate in Chicago, or click here to view the long version (7 minutes).

Watch this video of Bob Vanourek speaking at the Oklahoma National Guard Leadership Conference (9 minutes).

View a video of Bob Vanourek speaking on “Triple Crown Leadership: Building Excellent, Ethical, and Enduring Organizations” to the Institute for Enterprise Ethics at the University of Denver.

Watch this video: “Short-Termism and Ethical Behavior,” Bob Vanourek discussion with Dr. Dan Sweeney of the Institute for Enterprise Ethics at the University of Denver and Ernie Sampias

View a video of Bob & Gregg Vanourek speaking at the Donovan Pavilion for a Vail Symposium / Vail Leadership Institute event on “Triple Crown Leadership.”

Speaking Testimonials for Bob Vanourek

Check out this video testimonial for Bob Vanourek, from Leading Through Serving Workshop sponsored by SteamMaster.

View this video testimonial by Jennifer Rudolph, Communications Director for Colorado Ski Country USA.

Written Testimonials:

“A home run.” ~General Jack Chain, Former Commander-in Chief, Strategic Air Command

“Bob conducted a phenomenal training to our leadership team in East West Resorts. It was not only informative but also inspirational, and very interactive! Everyone was fully engaged during this full day session. Participants were thrilled after the workshop, and said they got great takeaways to apply immediately within their departments.” ~Virginia Lecea, Assistant Director of Human Resources for East West Resorts

“Many of my officers and NCOs said this was one of the best leadership presentations they can remember.” ~Major General Myles Deering, Adjutant General, Oklahoma National Guard (Presentation to 800 Oklahoma National Guard officers and enlisted personnel)

“Excellent session… Great info… Great speaker! …Best session of the conference… Very engaging… Great learning experience.”

“Hands down the BEST presentation I’ve seen. Things I can put into action immediately.”

“AMAZING!!!! Thank you!”

“I am applying for a higher level management position at my company, and he gave me ideas on how to sell my soft leadership skills rather than just my technical skills.”

Comments from finance and accounting professionals at their Rocky Mountain Area Conference

“Thank you for participating in our National Sales Conference last week.  My personal opinion is that your presentation was the highlight of the whole conference.  I loved your message and your engaging presentation style.  I’m a student of leadership myself, so I may be a little biased in my preferences – great stuff!” ~Jeffrey W. Arnold, MAM, CAE, Executive Director, The Sales Association

“Bob was terrific to work with … the consummate professional. He worked with us ahead of time to learn more about our business and customers, and interviewed some program participants to create a truly customized training session. Overall 95% ‘very good-excellent’ rating! Comments ranged from ‘great materials and ideas to continue to build our team” to ‘give us more of this!’” –Barbara Landeen, Aging Services of Minnesota

“Bob has a unique and effective presentation style that includes making himself vulnerable. Triple Crown Leadership has already become required reading for my leadership team, and I have invited Bob to speak at our strategic planning session this year.  I particularly like Alignment.” –Gary A. Oatey, Chairman, Oatey Company

“Bob Vanourek conducted an excellent board retreat on Collaborative Alignment for our nonprofit organization. He gave our board, staff members, and me a framework that could literally transform us. We are now implementing it.” –Julie Olson, Executive Director, Advocate Safehouse Project

“Bob Vanourek speaks from the head and the heart. He connects with every member of the audience. He frames leadership with concrete behaviors and elegant metaphors, and he understands how leadership creates and molds culture. Bob makes his insights into leadership both actionable and confirmable, and his exemplary story telling makes clear where leadership succeeds and why.” –John Balkcom, Member of the Governing Board, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, President Emeritus, St. John’s College, Santa Fe, NM

See more Testimonials here.


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Triple Crown Leadership was a Winner of the International Book Awards in the “Business: General” category.

Bob Vanourek was named one of the Top 100 Thought Leaders in Trust for four years in a row (2013-2016) by Trust Across America-Trust Across the World.

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