Triple Crown Leadership

Triple Crown Leadership


Gregg Vanourek offers training, speaking, coaching, and consulting focused on leading self, leading others, and leading change. He provides interactive learning and development workshops, retreats, and professional development programs that allow leaders and entrepreneurs (and aspiring ones) and teams develop further self-awareness, reconnect with their purpose, values, and aspirations, clarify their aims, build an engaged culture, align the team or organization for high performance, and lead change. These offers are based on his extensive experience with corporations, startups, social enterprises, and nonprofits; research on high-performing organizations worldwide; and interviews with more than a hundred dynamic executives and entrepreneurs around the world.

leading self, leading others, leading change

Training Methods. Custom workshops, retreats, and programs employ assessments, cases, dialogue, reflection, experiential learning, and peer feedback.

• Companies, conscious businesses, social enterprises, and startups
• Colleges, universities, and executive education programs
• Nonprofits, associations, and foundations

* Boost performance and impact while increasing engagement
* Grow as a leader, entrepreneur, professional, and/or person
* Clarify your purpose, values, strengths, and aspirations
* Increase confidence and motivation
* Avoid burnout
* Integrate your life and work with passion and purpose
* A powerful group experience with fellow leaders, changemakers, and seekers

Tools. My programs include actionable tools that have been vetted over the years with executives, entrepreneurs, managers, and teams. Examples include: 360-Degree Review Process, Alignment Scorecard, Culture-Building Action Plan, Culture Pain Points, Governance Best Practices (for boards), Innovation Derailers, Innovation Practices Assessment, Leadership Derailers, Organizational Culture Assessment, Personal Values Exercise, Strengths, Traps Test, Triple Crown Leadership Scorecard, Vision Statement, and more.


Designing Your Life & Work: LIFE Entrepreneurs. Here you learn how to apply the tools and methods of design thinking and entrepreneurship to life and work choices and transitions. This is the place where entrepreneurship meets the good life. We help you identify your aspirations, strengths, and values and show you how to move forward regardless of where you are. Armed with a designer’s toolkit, you will be able to test, iterate, and improve crucial aspects of your work and mindset. This will give you a stronger foundation to ground your choices, feedback from a community of fellow seekers, and inspiration and tools for the path ahead. Design your life and craft work that matters. Includes active learning, live cases, dialogue, reflection, and exercises. Skills developed:
• Applying the tools of design thinking to your life & work
• Crafting your current work for higher performance and greater engagement
• Debunking dysfunctional beliefs about careers, and developing and running probes of career options
• Identifying your strengths, passions, values, and purpose
• Developing your vision of the good life and good work
• Leading yourself and avoiding common traps

Who should attend: Emerging and existing leaders and changemakers, those thinking about their next steps (in transition or feeling stuck).

Leadership speakers, Bob Vanourek and Gregg Vanourek speak on Triple Crown Leadership.

Triple Crown Leadership: Excellent, Ethical, Enduring. What kind of leadership does it take to build an organization that achieves exceptional results, operates with integrity, and operates sustainably? Learn advanced leadership practices for generating sustainable high performanace—based on our experience, research, and interviews worldwide. Includes active learning, live cases, dialogue, reflection, and exercises. Skills developed:
• Determining the organization’s aims
• Developing an excellent, ethical, and sustainable organization
• Recruiting, developing, rewarding, and onboarding people effectively
• Setting the shared purpose, values, and vision
• Adapting your leadership approach to the situation
• Building an engaged culture
• Aligning the organization/team for peak performance
• Avoiding breakdowns and managing change, crises, or turnarounds
• Leading self and integrating life and work

Who should attend: Management teams, executives, managers, high-potentials, and/or emerging leaders.

Entrepreneurial Leadership. Innovative “intrapreneurs” inside organizations and startup founders seek to launch new ventures, products, and services and create high performance and impact. We develop your capacity for effectively leading innovative new ventures, as an “intrapreneur” (managing innovation inside organizations) or entrepreneur. Includes active learning, live cases, dialogue, reflection, and exercises. Skills developed:
• Leading innovative projects (e.g., new products and services) and/or startups
• Recruiting, developing, rewarding, and onboarding people
• Shared purpose, values, and vision
• Adapting your leadership approach to the situation
• Intentionally building an engaged culture
• Aligning for peak performance
• Avoiding breakdowns
• Deploying lean startup innovation methods
• Leading self

Who should attend: Intrapreneurs inside organizations, innovation managers, entrepreneurs, and changemakers.

Good Life & Good Work. What does it mean to lead a good life and do good work? This workshop covers what has been said and written across the ages, including insights from different fields (e.g., psychology, philosophy, design, leadership, job crafting), ancient wisdom, and current research. Includes active learning, live cases, dialogue, reflection, and exercises. Topics:
• Purpose, values, strengths, and passions
• Design thinking, job crafting, and good life research and frameworks
• Vision of the good life
• Resilience and renewal: maintaining high performance while have a life
• Leading self
• Avoiding the common traps of living and leading

Who should attend: All seeking a good life, those thinking about next steps or working on transitions, or who feel stuck.

Ethical and Sustainable Leadership for Social Impact. Too many people work in organizations that fail to live up to their values and aspirations. Too many people drift away from what they value most. Too many leaders get caught up in the game and compromise their values under pressure. At our best, we live by our values and build a culture of character and high performance. Includes active learning, live cases, dialogue, reflection, and exercises. Topics:
• Excellent results and positive impacts
• Values, ethics, and values-based leadership; avoiding ethical derailers
• Sustainability and long-term thinking; conscious leadership for positive impact

Ideation—Developing and Evaluating Innovative Venture Ideas. Learn advanced ideation techniques—how to generate original ideas for innovative and impactful startup ventures and new products and services. Go beyond brainstorming and learn how to generate, develop, and pitch innovative ideas, and recognize potential risks and biases when evaluating them. A fun, high-energy, and high-impact workshop. Includes active learning, live cases, dialogue, reflection, and exercises. Topics:
• Innovation frameworks
• Where good ideas come from and how to get ideas (beyond brainstorming)
• Idea evaluation (and mitigating cognitive biases)
• Lean startup innovation methods, customer development, and business modeing
• Building an innovation culture
• Pitching and presenting new venture ideas

Who should attend: Intrapreneurs inside organizatins, innovation managers, entrepreneurs, and changemakers.

Shorter Workshops and Programs:
* Conscious Leadership and Self-Care for Changemakers; Discovering Your Personal and Organizational Purpose; Discovering Your Values; Navigating a Career Change; Discovering Your Vision of the Good Life


“Gregg delivered a program that was thought-provoking and informative while at the same time entertaining and interactive. It is part of our programmatic activities to offer to our community practical and tangible solutions they can implement, and feel inspired to do so. Gregg checked all the boxes! We received a lot of positive comments and feedback on Gregg’s performance. People were engaged, left the event motivated with significant takeaways, and excited to apply the principles and concepts he presented to their life. Gregg took the time to understand our audience and network so he could tailor his presentation to best fit their needs, and challenged our participants to work on their own self-development. I highly recommend him!” -Anne Behlouli, Programs Manager, Best For Colorado, The Alliance Center

“Working with Gregg was an absolute pleasure from initial preparation to execution. His approach was one of co-creation—making sure that he addressed exactly what our team needed, and it made my life so easy knowing I could customize our workshop by tapping into his wealth of knowledge across numerous topics related to entrepreneurship, leadership and transformation. When the day started, I was immediately impressed with his preparation—he had done research on each of our participants beforehand, so the day felt personalized from the first minute. And during the presentation I appreciated how deftly Gregg presented deep and powerful lessons in a variety of styles—from playful to reflective—to make sure that he reached each participant in different ways so that every single person walked away with new knowledge and inspiration.” –Alex Budak, Changemaker in Residence at UC-Berkeley Haas; cofounder, Start Some Good; former Country Manager, Reach for Change, Sweden

“When Gregg Vanourek facilitated an advanced leadership program here at El Pomar Foundation, I was impressed with his professionalism and his ability to connect with our team. By coordinating with us in advance, Gregg delivered an engaging and inspiring program designed to give our staff tangible actions to develop both personally and professionally. Powerful content, powerful presenter.” –Gary Butterworth, Senior Vice President, Programs, El Pomar Foundation

“Gregg always delivers inspirational and impactful content. Whether an audience of 14 people in an interactive workshop or 100 students in an evening lecture, he always manages to engage, enthuse, and energize in a truly unique manner.” –Maria Malmrud, Education and Training Manager, Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship

“Could not have asked for a better person to lead this workshop: great interaction, safe and very relaxed atmosphere, etc. BEST WORKSHOP I have ever attended.” –workshop participant

“This workshop should be part of every university program.” –workshop participant

“The atmosphere was amazing.” –workshop participant

“Excellent facilitator who managed to create an atmosphere of sharing, honesty, reflection among a group of very inspiring participants. It was way above expectations.” –workshop participant

“I liked that Gregg generously offered his deep knowledge and expertise on a complex topic such as leadership in a simple, easy to remember and beautiful way.” –workshop participant

“I loved the workshop. I enjoyed every second of it.” –workshop participant

“Simply excellent in all areas.” –workshop participant

“Great workshop with an amazing speaker.” –workshop participant

“Perfection is the word to describe the workshop.” –workshop participant

“This workshop was extraordinary. Gregg integrates well both the principles… and the real practice in the real firm. Also, participants were encouraged to speak up, share their thoughts, and I knew that everyone was really focused and listened to others’ comments.” –workshop participant