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Trust is Essential for a High-Performance Team

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Internet Talk Radio Show with Bob Whipple and Bob Vanourek

December 18: Noon eastern time

Leadership speakers and authors, Bob Vanourek & Gregg Vanourek feature a photo of Bob Whipple, The Trust Ambassador.

Bob Whipple, The Trust Ambassador

Join Bob Vanourek and Bob Whipple, “The Trust Ambassador” and CEO of Leadergrow an organization dedicated to leadership development, as they dialogue on how leaders can build trust in their organizations. The Internet talk radio program, hosted by Voice America, will be on December 18 and their topic is: “Trust is Essential for a High-Performance Team.”

Bob Whipple spent his career as a leader in a large U.S. firm going through extreme challenges. He is a dedicated business scholar, university professor, and leadership consultant.

Whipple is also the author of several books, including Leading with Trust is Like Sailing Downwind, an excellent book rich in practical wisdom on leadership and trust. Bob Vanourek posted a review of it on

The Internet talk radio discussion on Voice America, sponsored by Trust Across America, can be accessed live online, or listened to afterwards. (See link below.) The dialogue will be lively and relevant for anyone wishing to improve the level of trust and performance in his or her organization.

With the growing evidence of declining ethics, some believe that high trust in organizations is impossible. This one-hour show will include pragmatic ideas to help any organization become more trustworthy, and thereby excellent, ethical, and enduring.

December 18

12 noon eastern time, 10 a.m. mountain time

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