Top 10 Triple Crown Leadership Blogs 10 Triple Crown Leadership Blogs
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 Our book, Triple Crown Leadership: Building Excellent, Ethical, and Enduring Organizations, just turned one year old! In celebration of this happy event, we are sending out a special edition newsletter featuring our top ten blogs over the past year. 



1: The Glorification of Busy
We’re all busy. There’s nothing wrong with hard work. Here’s the problem: glorifying busy. Busy is the new sexy. The viral Internet meme—“stop the glorification of busy”—has hit a nerve with people far and wide lately. …Continue Reading
2: Are Leaders Born or Made?
Many people believe that leaders are born, not made. We disagree. We believe leadership skills can be learned through experience, dialogue, role modeling, feedback, coaching, mentoring, and more.  …Continue Reading
3: 10 Leadership Myths and Half-Truths
Many leaders operate from half-truths or outright misconceptions about leadership, often leading to major mistakes. Here are examples of some of the biggest leadership myths. …Continue Reading
4: Your Ego Is Not Your Amigo
Why do you want to lead? All too often, the answer has breadcrumbs back to ego. The drivers may be disguised in other terms such as recognition, status, power, money, or competitiveness. But it ultimately comes back to ego.  …Continue Reading
5: How to Develop Other Leaders
Great leadership is a group performance, with leaders developing loyal followers and unleashing other leaders. In this age of budget cuts, how can leaders develop other leaders? Here are some ideas:  …Continue Reading
6: No Jerks Allowed
“You know what a jerk is when you see it.” -Bob Diamond, Former CEO of Barclays Bank (Source: The Guardian) As CEO, Bob Diamond terminated 30 Barclays Bank staff in 2011 for breaking his “no jerks” rule.  …Continue Reading

7: The Biggest Barrier to Leadership
Many people self-select out of leadership. They view leadership as the province of others. And so it is that incredible potential is wasted due to a simple but powerful misconception: “I am not a leader.” But here’s the good news: We all have the capacity to lead.  …Continue Reading
8: Ethical Decision-Making: Simple Tests
When it comes to ethical challenges, we are all tested at some point. Many leaders are ill-equipped to navigate the ethical minefields awaiting them in the swirl of fast-changing competitive markets and new technologies. Here are some simple tests.  …Continue Reading
9: The Legacy of Leadership
What will your leadership legacy be?  Some will argue that the only real leadership legacy is the results you achieve.  But are results all that matter? Others may argue that the leader’s vision is what counts most. But vision without execution is futile. …Continue Reading
10: The Values Imperative
The power of living and leading in accordance with our values is extraordinary. When we take time to discover our core values and have the courage to honor and fight for them, our lives are richer and our contributions deeper.  …Continue Reading

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Bob and Gregg Vanourek 10 Triple Crown Leadership Blogs
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