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Death By Meeting? 33 Tips to Ensure Great Meetings

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Leadership Speakers and Authors, Bob Vanourek & Gregg Vanourek show a group of people in a successful meeting.Source: iStock

“The work is through the people.” Ron Heifetz, Harvard professor and leadership author

Most people hate the endless stream of useless meetings that keep them from doing the “real work.” But, as Harvard’s Ron Heifetz points out, the real work is done through people. Meetings can be a powerful tool for accomplishing results if they are well run.

Unfortunately, many leaders do not know how to run a highly productive meeting. Click on the link below for 22 actionable tips for improving the quality of your meetings.

33 Meetings Dos and Donts

Share this list with your colleagues. Discuss which items you can use to improve the quality of your meetings. Contact us if you have questions, or other “dos” and “don’ts.” We’ll add them to our list.

Bob and Gregg Vanourek, father and son, are co-authors of Triple Crown Leadership: Building Excellent, Ethical, and Enduring Organizations, winner of the 2013 International Book Awards (Business: General). Twitter: @TripleCrownLead

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