Triple Crown Leadership

Triple Crown Leadership

Leadership Speaker, Bob Vanourek: Testimonials


“Many of my officers and NCOs said this was one of the best leadership presentations they can remember.”

Major General Myles Deering, Adjutant General, Oklahoma National Guard (Subsequent to a presentation to 800 OK National Guard officers and enlisted personnel)”


“A home run.”

General Jack Chain, Former Commander-in Chief, Strategic Air Command


“Bring him back!” “Amazing, I absolutely loooooved it!” “Simply outstanding!”

-Comments from finance and accounting professionals at their Rocky Mountain Area Conference 2012


“Excellent session… Great info… Great speaker! …Best session of the conference… Very engaging… Great learning experience.”

“Hands down the BEST presentation I’ve seen. Things I can put into action immediately.”

“AMAZING!!!! Thank you!”

“I am applying for a higher level management position at my company, and he gave me ideas on how to sell my soft leadership skills rather than just my technical skills.”

-Comments from finance and accounting professionals at their Rocky Mountain Area Conference 2013


“Bob was terrific to work with … the consummate professional. He worked with us ahead of time to learn more about our business and customers, and interviewed some program participants to create a truly customized training session. Overall 95% ‘very good-excellent’ rating! Comments ranged from ‘great materials and ideas to continue to build our team” to ‘give us more of this!’”

Barbara Landeen, Aging Services of Minnesota


“I can’t thank you enough for your powerful presentation to the CEO Exchange Program at the Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce.  The audience was engaged and inspired as you outlined the key components of creating an Excellent, Ethical and Enduring organization. You were extremely credible and authentic as you fielded questions and engaged the dialogue.”

Marla Riegel, Founder, The Inspired Business Center


“Bob’s presentation was engaging, informative, and most helpful.  Our chapter does not do evaluations, but from my twenty plus years of experience in YPO/WPO, Bob would have received in the high nines.

I believe the rarest and most precious commodity in the world, and the one, which most impacts people’s lives, is the excellent, ethical, and enduring leadership that Bob very clearly describes in his presentation and book.  Consequently, the leaders of my companies and my children will all be receiving copies of Triple Crown Leadership.

Bob is authentic, experienced, knowledgeable, and credible.  As a lifelong student and practitioner of leadership, I wasn’t sure I would learn much from Bob or his book.  Yet, this was not the case.  Bob’s presentation and book are based on solid research, and filled with memorable stories, helpful information, and rich metaphors.

If you are looking for a program that would interest YPO’ers and/or WPO’ers, spouses, and affiliates, and a program with critical and substantial take home value, I would highly recommend Bob Vanourek.”

Mark Bitz, Multi-company President, CEO Member,

Empire and Southwest Florida YPO/WPO Member


“Bob Vanourek addressed the SWFL WPO Chapter recently. His lively presentation sprinkled with insights and anecdotes he gained during his interviews with numerous business leaders made it a very interesting and meaningful evening. Bob, an experienced business leader in his own right, shared the importance of ethical and inclusive leadership in building organizations that will not only perform well but will be a place that people want to participate and will fill empowered and fulfilled. Bob truly understands the role that ‘values’ play in leadership. As one of the spouses of our member stated, these principles can be applied to families as well as business.  I would recommend Bob as a resource for your group, business, non-profit or family.”

Steven B. Smith, Chapter Chair SWFL WPO


Bob Vanourek presented at the 2013 Colorado Bar Association Leadership Training program for attorneys from around Colorado.  His presentation was engaging, interactive, and insightful.  His thoughts on how to find and keep the right people on your team or in your organization was especially helpful.  He truly helped the class learn ways to create and protect a culture of character in their organizations.  He did so by sharing examples from his extensive work and research with other companies around the world, and he did so in an accessible, easy way that made the class want to participate and learn more.

Tami Goodlette, Colorado Bar Association Leadership Training coordinator, 2013


“Bob has a unique and effective presentation style that includes making himself vulnerable.  Triple Crown Leadership has already become required reading for my leadership team, and I have invited Bob to speak at our strategic planning session this year.  I particularly like Alignment.”

Gary A. Oatey, Chairman, Oatey Company


“For the past five years, Bob has been a guest speaker at the global leadership program my organization provides.  His style and approach is one that engages the audience and causes them to really think. He has the ability to make them look at themselves and ask the question, ‘Am I being the leader I want to be or need to be?’ Bob is a great story teller and shares personal stories which exemplify the behaviors of a great leader, one that is vulnerable, one that empowers others and one that can build high performing teams – all important for creating successful organizations. We can’t thank him enough for the wonderful work he does.”

Debbie Weinstein Huml, Founder, Inspiring leadership Partners, Inc.


“Bob Vanourek recently led a discussion on ‘New Responsibilities for Directors and Senior Executives’ hosted by the Institute for Enterprise Ethics at the Daniels College of Business on the University of Denver campus. C-suite executives, independent directors and professional service providers attended the event from the greater Denver area. Bob very effectively framed the discussion with several concepts from Triple Crown Leadership: Building Excellent, Ethical and Enduring Organizations and then guided the participants in a very lively and challenging discussion applying those ideas to their daily professional lives. All the participants were very engaged in this discussion and the event received rave reviews (rating of 4.9 out of 5.0), mostly due to Bob’s outstanding performance.”

Dr. Dan Sweeney, Director, Institute for Enterprise Ethics,

Daniels College of Business, University of Denver


“Bob Vanourek was the keynote speaker at the Daniels Pioneer Executive Summit for our board members and corporate partners. His topic of  ‘Dealing with Crises: Lessons Learned’ was rich with content. Bob made the lessons on leading through crises come to life with stories that were relevant, engaging, and useful. Attendees thought the session was excellent.”

Dr. Christine Riordan, Dean, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver


“Bob was great, an entertaining and dynamic presenter. He was very flexible in working with us, wanting to learn about our industry, audience members, and challenges. He customized his presentation to take the messages in his book to our issues. He personalized the presentation, using people’s names whom he had met that day and the night before, as well as situations and examples from our industry.”

“He spoke to CEOs about their concerns and audience members with less corporate experience. I would definitely recommend Bob for your meeting because the messages in his book are important for a variety of different industries and businesses. Your audience members will get those takeaways that you want to have delivered.”

Jennifer Rudolph, Communications Director, Colorado Ski Country USA


“Bob Vanourek brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to his workshops. His candid style continues to engage our staff and provides a remarkable learning experience for all.  Through his leadership workshops, Bob has assisted UL with transforming the culture and mindset of our organization.”

Dave McCulloch, Director – Leadership College, UL University,

Underwriters Laboratories


“I have seen Bob give dozens of presentations. He skillfully adjusts his style to fit the audience. When presenting to large groups, Bob is confident, vigorous, and assertive, capturing and holding people’s attention. When speaking to small groups, Bob is soft-spoken, accessible, and humble, touching and changing people’s hearts. An exceptional presenter.”

John Horan-Kates, Founder and President, Vail Leadership Institute


“Bob Vanourek’s inspiring message deserves a wide audience.  This is a leader who knows whereof he speaks and understands how the corporate world works and how it should work.  If only more leaders shared his vision, it would be a far better world.  His experiences as a CEO and his intelligence inform every word in the book Triple Crown Leadership, co-authored with his son Gregg.  Bob’s concept of leadership challenges all of us, at whatever level in our respective organizations, since they all cry out for more values-based leadership.  Whether organizations are stable or near collapse, they could all benefit from a heavy dose of Bob’s lessons.  Both his book and his presentations are eloquent expressions of his great insights, enriched with the examples of his many interviews with leaders in various sectors of society.”

“Bob has spoken to my classes on ‘CEOs and Corporate Governance’ over the years, and his message always has a major impact on the students.  He is truly one of the highlights of my course.  He is a deep thinker and a gifted and charismatic communicator.   I have heard him address business audiences as well, and he has the same impact on those from all walks of life.  He is more teacher than preacher, since he interacts so well with his audience and appreciates that all of us have obstacles and failures to overcome in order to succeed in our own lives and organizations.”

John Holcolm, Professor, Business Ethics and Legal Studies Department, Daniels College of Business, University of Denver


“I have had the good fortune to participate in two retreat facilitations by Bob, and in each case he adroitly wove his breadth of experience with his considerable rhetorical, diplomatic and leadership talents to guide us to extremely valuable yet unique solutions for the organizations involved.”

Glenn Davis, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Colorado Mountain College,                      Regional President, Alpine Banks of Colorado


“Bob Vanourek conducted an excellent board retreat on Collaborative Alignment for our nonprofit organization. He gave our board, staff members, and me a framework that could literally transform us. We are now implementing it.”

Julie Olson, Executive Director, Advocate Safehouse Project


“Bob Vanourek speaks from the head and the heart. He connects with every member of the audience. He frames leadership with concrete behaviors and elegant metaphors, and he understands how leadership creates and molds culture. Bob makes his insights into leadership both actionable and confirmable, and his exemplary story telling makes clear where leadership succeeds and why.”

John Balkcom, Member of the Governing Board,

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists,

President Emeritus, St. John’s College, Santa Fe, NM


“To leave the world a little better place…Bob Vanourek’s purpose statement says it all.  Bob has led a life of success that he has willingly converted into a life of significance by teaching and facilitating on such topics as communication, leadership and alignment.  Bob’s communication style takes leading practices and applies them to real world situations by directly helping leaders uncover possible solutions to posed challenges through the power of story and theory.  Through my own experience, I can attest to the effectiveness of Bob’s communication style through personal application of his work that has not only impacted my life, but also my sphere of influence.”

Dustin Kelley, Entrepreneur and former Vice President, Vail Leadership Institute


“Bob Vanourek is one of those rare individuals that can shape your professional career forever. I have had that privilege by working directly for Bob. Although it’s been years since working for and with him, I believe my career has been the better from his guidance and leadership. I would highly recommend Bob…. he is an extraordinary leader.”

Wilemia Shaw, Senior VP, Human Resources

(Unsolicited from former colleague)


“It was such a pleasure having you be part of our Annual Meeting. Our group really enjoyed your presentation, and you got them to ask questions – a sure sign of success! Thank you for joining us and doing such an outstanding job.”

Melanie Mills, CEO, Colorado Ski Country USA


“Thank you again for coming and speaking to our Corporate Governance class a couple weeks ago. After 5 years of guest lecturers, I can confidently say that yours was one that truly engaged me and served as a refreshing change.”

Baxter Cochennet, Graduate student for Masters in Accountancy,

University of Denver (Unsolicited)


Bob and Gregg Vanourek

“When Bob and Gregg Vanourek presented at the Regis University ‘Fire Within’ Leadership Conference, they showed us their own inner fire for the subject of leadership. Their passion was palpable, their message compelling, and their presentation style highly interactive. It was great for the students and faculty to see a father-son duo working together and modeling the practices of effective and ethical leadership.”

Dr. Sally Spencer-Thomas, CEO & Co-Founder, Carson J Spencer Foundation       and Survivor Division Director for the American Association for Suicidology


“I attended the public launch of Triple Crown Leadership in Vail where Bob and Gregg presented to an overflow audience. Their message was insightful, inspiring, and practical, using a back-and-forth team approach and conversation, revealing a unique and powerful chemistry between these father and son co-authors. Their mutual respect was evident and appreciated. They inspired me to tap into deeper values and aspirations, and to envision specific steps for bringing them to life. Their grounded background in building and re-building companies and organizations allows them to walk the talk. They are enthusiastic about sharing what they have learned with others who aspire to be triple crown leaders and stewards. They will have a significant impact on the future of leadership.”

Art Currier, CEO, Currier & Associates, Inc.


“Bob and Gregg are excellent co-presenters. They bridge several generations weaving stories and personal leadership experiences and insights that make sense to an audience. Their book, Triple Crown Leadership, and their presentation of its key points, are of a high takeaway value.”

John Horan-Kates, President, Vail Leadership Institute


Triple Crown Leadership is a great book, the best I have ever read on leadership, and I have read dozens of such books. I attended a joint presentation Bob and Gregg gave and was thrilled with their ability to weave stories and deep leadership insights into their messages. For example, ‘The horse is critical, but it takes a whole stable to win the Triple Crown.’ There is nobility to their message that is so compelling you really want to pursue this quest.”

Peggy L. Curry, Ph.D., Vice President, Colorado Mountain College


“Bob and Gregg Vanourek gave a dynamic talk on leadership at the Bard

Center for Entrepreneurship. Students, faculty, and alumni were impressed with their interactive and engaging presentation style. Their emphasis on the need to continually develop ourselves as people and leaders–focusing on results, integrity and sustainability–resonated with our attendees.”

Catherine Kunst, MBA, PhD, Former Executive Director,

Bard Center for Entrepreneurship,

University of Colorado Denver Business School


Gregg Vanourek

“Gregg Vanourek gave a keynote presentation at our annual conference and delivered a powerful, memorable, and impactful message. We found his talk to be uplifting and highly relevant both to the students we serve and our staff. His points have resonated long after his time with us.”

Robin Wise, President and CEO, Junior Achievement-Rocky Mountain, Inc.


“When Gregg Vanourek gave a keynote presentation at the Strom Center for Entrepreneurship conference, he skillfully engaged the audience with his message and stories. His blending of visuals, props, and even a soundtrack kept audience attention and energy level high. He worked closely with staff before the event to make sure his talk was tailored and relevant for both major segments of the audience—students and business leaders. Gregg’s keynote was powerful and yet playful.”

Jeanne Stolp MacDonald, Management and Marketing Faculty/Advisor,     Department of Business Administration,

Minot State University at Bismarck State College


“When Gregg Vanourek facilitated an advanced leadership program here at El Pomar Foundation, I was impressed with his professionalism and his ability to connect with our team. By coordinating with us in advance, Gregg delivered an engaging and inspiring program designed to give our staff tangible actions to develop both personally and professionally.  Powerful content, powerful presenter.”

Gary Butterworth, Senior Vice President, Programs, El Pomar Foundation