Triple Crown Leadership

Triple Crown Leadership

Leadership Speaker, Bob Vanourek: Speaking Samples

Speaking Samples and Interviews

Introducing Bob Vanourek, Leadership Speaker (9 min)

Watch this short version video (1 minute) of Bob Vanourek speaking to the Turnaround Management Association at their Leadership Senate in Chicago, May 2013 or click here to view the long version (7 minutes).

Watch this video of Bob Vanourek speaking at the Oklahoma National Guard Leadership ConferenceApril 12, 2013 (9 minutes).

View a video of Bob Vanourek speaking on “Triple Crown Leadership: Building Excellent, Ethical, and Enduring Organizations” to the Institute for Enterprise Ethics at the University of Denver, May 2012.

Watch this video: “Short-Termism and Ethical Behavior,” Bob Vanourek discussion with Dr. Dan Sweeney of the Institute for Enterprise Ethics at the University of Denver and Ernie Sampias, October 20, 2012

View a video of Bob & Gregg Vanourek speaking at the Donovan Pavilion in 2012 for a Vail Symposium / Vail Leadership Institute event on “Triple Crown Leadership.”