Triple Crown Leadership

Triple Crown Leadership

Guest Post Guidelines


We invite serious leaders and leadership observers to write a guest blog on leadership. (See our blogs here:

These blogs need not relate to our book, Triple Crown Leadership, but they should be on the topic of better leadership. It’s easy to write a guest blog. Here are some suggested guidelines:

  • Draft it in MS Word.
  • Suggested range of 200-500 words.
  • Have a grabby title and opening line.
  • Insert a relevant image that illustrates your point or a head shot photo of you. (Ensure you have the rights to publish any image.)
  • Don’t make the blog promotional for your offerings. Focus on generating value for the readers.
  • Provide a byline at the bottom describing your background and work in a few lines, and a link to any web site, blog, book, article, or other reference you wish to cite.
  • Tone should be business professional, interesting, provocative, conversational, and inviting.
  • Avoid dense text.
  • Use bullet points and headings and/or subheadings.
  • Tee up comments by asking provocative questions at the end.

We reserve the right to edit or not publish any guest blog. If we edit anything you write, we will get your clearance before we post it.

Let’s get a robust dialogue underway about how to create better leadership.