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Triple Crown Leadership

Boards and Trust

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Image credit: iStock

Image credit: iStock

by Bob Vanourek

Higher trust in organizations leads to higher retention, cooperation, innovation, and pride. Higher trust enhances the speed at which organizations work because the fear created in low trust organizations is minimized. Higher trust leads to better results for all stakeholders from customers to employees and shareholders.

Therefore, higher trust needs to be on the agenda of boards of directors. Yes, I know they’re busy with risk mitigation, regulatory compliance, governance, financial oversight, and more. But if the board does not insist on a high-performance culture built on trust with all stakeholders, then that board is abdicating their fundamental fiduciary responsibility.

For several years, I have been working with Trust Across America – Trust Around the World (TAA – TAW) on how organizations can increase trust within their ranks. How can boards instill trust into their organizations? Here is a link from TAA –TAW with 12 tips from leadership experts (including me) on how boards can instill trust:

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